Learn How to make Perfect Southern Fried Chicken and Biscuits
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 Make Fried Chicken today!

Learn how to recreate a truly authentic Southern dish from start to finish & entertain at home! 




She was born and raised in the South and grew up vegetable gardening and canning/preserving everything from spicy pickles to strawberry jam.  She’s had wanderlust her whole life, so she's spent much of her time traveling abroad eating her way through various countries and picking up cooking techniques from the locals. 


How it started

 During a yearlong sabbatical from college, she worked as the interim/assistant pastry chef at James At The Mill in Johnson, AR and regularly conducts cooking/baking demos at The Broadway Panhandler here in NYC, all the while working on her dream project...a cookbook.



 Her latest culinary adventure took her to Beijing & Chengdu, China this February where she picked up a really badass Chinese cleaver and a few wok skills learned from the locals in their home kitchens.

Make Fried Chicken tonight!

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You will learn from my southern roots & my having grown up eating fried chicken at least once a week, as well as my experience today as a private chef. This class will change how you entertain at home! 


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